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Explore the best transport, food delivery, dining spots, and sightseeing places in Bali.

Spiritual Journey

A Wonderful World of Relaxation and Harmony

Sport and Relaxation

The best workouts for your body

Must-See Sightseeing Spots

Best viewing platforms

Seaside Serenity : Exploring Bali's Beaches

Tips for Beach Visits in Bali:

1. Tide schedules. Check tide schedules beforehand to pick the perfect time and avoid large waves or low tides.

2. Cash. Bring cash for entry fees (10-15k IDR), umbrella rentals (100k IDR), and a refreshing coconut (50k IDR).

3. Monkeys. Keep a watchful eye on your belongings from mischievous monkeys who have a penchant for sunglasses, flip-flops, watches, and anything shiny.

4. Stairs. Be ready for long stairs — a workout and a patience test with the little ones!

5. Cultural respect. Respect the local culture and environment and be mindful of sacred sites.


Padang Padang beach

Featured in Eat Pray Love Movie


Bingin beach 

Surf vibes and beachfront dining


Dreamland beach 

Prime spot for experienced surfers


Melasti Beach  

Bali's iconic  shoreline


Jimbaran Beach  

To watch surfers during the sunset


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