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Known as the "queen of fruits" for its delicious taste 

How to eat ?

To enjoy this exotic fruit, simply cut it open and remove the white segments, avoiding the bitter outer rind. Each juicy segment bursts with flavor, making mangosteen a delightful treat on its own or as part of a fruit salad.

Vitamin C  Various B vitamins

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A tropical fruit with a sweet and juicy flavor.

How to eat ?

To enjoy rambutan, simply twist or cut the outer skin and remove it to reveal the translucent, juicy flesh inside. Then, pop the fruit into your mouth and savor its refreshing sweetness.

Vitamin C, as well as other essential nutrients like iron and calcium

Dragon Fruit

Vibrant and refreshing, with a mildly sweet taste.

How to eat ?

To eat dragon fruit, simply slice it in half lengthwise and scoop out the juicy flesh with a spoon.

Vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber


Salak (Snake Fruit)

Unique in appearance and taste, with a crisp texture and sweet flavor.

How to eat ?

To eat salak, simply peel off the reddish-brown skin to reveal the juicy, sweet flesh inside. The fruit has a crisp texture and a slightly tangy flavor, reminiscent of a combination of apple and pineapple.

Vitamin C, fiber, and potassium


Known as the "queen of fruits" for its delicious taste .

How to eat ?

To eat papaya, simply cut the fruit in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Then, use a spoon to scoop out the soft, orange flesh, which has a sweet and slightly musky flavor.

Vitamin C, vitamin A, and folate.

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Known as the "king of fruits," it has a distinctive aroma and creamy texture.

How to eat ?

To eat durian, start by cutting open the thick, spiky outer shell with a sharp knife. Inside, you'll find creamy, custard-like flesh that can be scooped out and eaten raw. Some people enjoy the creamy texture and complex flavor of durian, while others may find its strong aroma off-putting.

Vitamin C, vitamin B6, thiamine, and potassium.



Juicy and sweet, ideal for snacking or adding to fruit salads.

How to eat ?

To enjoy pineapple, start by cutting off the leafy crown and slicing off the outer skin. Then, slice the pineapple into rounds or chunks, discarding the tough core in the center.

Vitamin C, vitamin B6, thiamine, and folate.

Passion Fruit

Tangy and flavorful, with a refreshing taste.

How to eat ?

To eat passion fruit, start by cutting it in half with a sharp knife. Then, scoop out the pulp and seeds with a spoon and enjoy it straight from the fruit. The pulp is juicy and sweet-tart, with a tropical aroma that's both refreshing and invigorating.

Vitamin C, vitamin A.

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